Intuitive Coaching

Arrive at a Place of Inner Peace

Dedicate yourself to developing your own intuition and a knowing of yourself where you feel free to be where you want to be in the world, how you want to be, and uncover what you would like to create while you’re here.


What is Intuitive Coaching?

I’ve been doing intuitive coaching for 15 years now. As an intuitive coach, I am able to read, feel, and tap into anything that’s going on in your energy field. I am here to help you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

In Intuitive Coaching sessions, I blend the my intuitive abilities with the certifications I’ve garnered in Belief Repatterning ™ and life coaching to give you a multifaceted coaching approach.

Each coaching session is individual to you, and not a cookie cutter version of other coaching systems.


It is my intention that every person who comes in for a session leaves the session feeling refreshed and knowing that they have a choice in how well they live their lives.

I want to help you arrive at a place where you find your inner peace, really  knowing yourself, so you can apply the skills you’ve come into this life with, and put them to good use.