Take your intuition and knowledge of self to the next level with personalized coaching.

Wouldn’t you love to appreciate your own wiring? 


When you truly know yourself, trust comes from within. We each have our own wiring and it can be confusing to identify how it works, where we excel and how to apply our greatness. 

This is where I come in. I’m able to intuitively connect with your wiring to help guide you to your most connected, understood and effective self. 

This brings peace of knowing oneself and being able to apply both the human element and the soul energy. This is where the brilliance of your first sense, intuition lives. 

You connecting to YOUR inner knowing is how to activate that wiring. 


Shall we get started? 


What is Intuitive Coaching?

By embracing your wiring, you can get to know yourself on a deeper level than you otherwise would by simply using your human senses. Intuition is Your First Sense. 

As an intuitive coach, I am able to read, feel, and tap into what is effecting you in your energy field and use that to guide you to you. 

In Intuitive Coaching sessions, I blend the my intuitive abilities with the certifications I’ve garnered in Belief Repatterning ™ and life coaching to give you a multifaceted coaching approach.


Each coaching session is individual to you, and not a cookie cutter version of other coaching systems.

It is my intention that every person who comes in for a session leaves the session feeling refreshed and knowing that they have a choice in how well they live their lives.

I want to help you arrive at a place where you find your inner peace, really knowing yourself, so you can apply the skills you’ve come into this life with, and put them to good use.

Who I’ve Worked With 

During my 15+ years as an Intuitive Life Coach, I have worked with a broad spectrum of professionals, including:

Executives of major networks

Armed Forces & Olympians

Fellow Entrepreneurs & Business Coaches 

Artist & Entertainers

Lawyers, Deans, and Dentists 

I have also worked with those who are transitioning from raising children to their next adventure.

Every client is unique, with special soul wiring. I’m here to help you stop comparing, realize what makes you, you, and take it out into the world. 

What Vicki’s Clients are Saying…


“When I think of Vicki, I think of a breath of fresh air. Her name always makes me smile.” 


“I have said to many people since that first visit, Vicki saved me.”


“She’s extraordinarily smart and very intuitive.” 

Tap Into Your Intuition Today


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