Does anyone else feel like these last few months have gone by in a whirlwind and that the speed of it is a bit disconcerting? Oh, good, it isn’t all me. Right? Maybe it is, but wow, it has been amazingly fun, confusing, overwhelming at times and utterly fascinating.

I can explain the energetic part of it as the increase in energy we are all creating spiritually is raising our vibrations and therefor also raising the speed at which things can manifest. I get that part of it quite well. What blows my mind is the connections that get created and the fun of having a life that makes you wonder, is this really happening?

As you may have read, I have handed the baton over for the mediumship readings to Pam Ellis. Meaning those that are wanting to solely connect to those who have crossed. While I so love, and can still do, that, my soul is and has been pushing me in another direction and I have to listen or I won’t be fulfilling my own experience here. Contrary to what others may say, I believe that we are here to serve ourselves first by listening to that voice within and THEN help others within that alignment. It took me years to get that but now that I do, I can’t pretend to want to offer anything but what is exciting to me now. Besides, wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite to suggest that the people in my life from clients to family members to my all important friend circle, follow and create what they love and not do it myself? Yeah, I thought so too.

I knew this switch was coming. I could hear the voice inside me guiding and even pushing me to the point of now saying of course I will continue to offer readings for people. These readings will be the kind that so light me up. Helping YOU to be able to hear the VOICE within YOU! We all have it in there. We can all access it, but sometimes a guide is necessary to be able to utilize it. That is my love. That is what I do well and that is what I offer with clarity now.

I absolutely adore helping people to realize they matter. The dreams they have matter and that they can come to fruition with a bit of focus, releasing some fears and a little attention to their internal communication system.

So, if…

  • you are having difficulty hearing that all important voice within. I’m your gal. 
  • you want to live a life where your brain, soul, gut, heart and spirit all speak the same language; well, I can help with that too. 
  • you are plain done with the drama and don’t know how to shift to living with peace, direction and love; hey, what do you know? I can help with that too.
  • you are thoroughly bored and exhausted from carrying the burdens of the past, some of which may not even be yours; I’m here to help. 
  • you want someone who is going to give it to you straight. Trust that you are capable of hearing it and then help you process through whatever it is…come on in. Hey, I wrote the book of IT; I can help. 
  • your business is not flowing and you have no stinking clue as to why…make an appointment. We will get to the bottom of it and create a strategy for moving forward. I’m really good, and love, creating plans that work for the individual and the business. Including team communication because without that, abundance can’t flow. 
  • you want to love you and have no clue in how to get there….I am especially good at this. It would be my honor to help. 
These are a few areas, there are as many as there are people on this Earth, that I have seen the most requests from my clients over the last few years and it is where I choose to focus by blending the intuitive gifts I have, with the training in coaching and Belief Re-patterning along with my, let’s call it, direct approach. As I said to someone recently, if you want to go to someone who will blow smoke and tell you all is well, go for it. If you want to actually change and enhance your life; come work with me. There may be tears, that is life, but I promise you will like you and hey, I give really good hugs I am told. There may be hugs. 
I hope this clears up the whirlwind of what has been happening in announcements and direction of what is being offered here at Baird Enterprises, Inc as the IRS knows me. I chose that name because being enterprising is about reinvention and following your heart so that the service you offer is authentic. I have to be authentically me. 
Stay tuned for some exciting extras that will be coming along as well as more collaborations and announcements. 
For your own life, what if you gave yourself the gift of recognizing you have that internal voice to start?  Acknowledging it is there is often the greatest first step in being able to hear it talking with you. 
Thank you for being along with me on this journey and your continued support,