I’ve always been a straight speaker about the intuitive process. How it isn’t reading minds, it isn’t knowing everything and it definitely isn’t about seeing all in order to pass through life without experiences that may not be all that great but have powerful learning to them. I had a great reminder of that this past weekend.

You may have heard on my videos or in blog postings that I have been training for a year to do a 50K trail run. That was this weekend! It was a gorgeous day, perfect for trail running with girlfriends who are up for challenging themselves too. We were ready! We researched, we trained, we knew our nutrition, how much water to drink and where to go at what time so it was all an easy process.

And it was. From the hotel, to the pickup, dropoff, packet pick up, arrival at the startline (porta potties!) and places to leave our drop bags of goodies for each trip around the 12.5K loop. It was all so smooth!

The first two miles were UPHILL. Seriously uphill but nothing we hadn’t done before locally so I felt great about the process. My hamstring, which was giving me significant issues for the last three months, even cooperated and loosened up around mile three. This was going to be so amazing. The trail was beautiful, people were stretched out so we had room to enjoy the process…..and then I tripped. On a rock. Flew through the air and landed with my right arm stretch out above my head which then bounced off the ground like it was supposed to be able to bend completely backwards. It’s not supposed to do that. The noise it made will probably haunt Sarah and myself for a little bit longer! Four freaking (I said another word later on) miles in. Four…out of thirty-one. Four!

I will always be grateful to Kelly and Sarah for keeping their cool and convincing me that, “No, Vicki, you can not just finish one loop. You need to go to the hospital.” For the record, I could have done it, and probably messed up even more needlessly for the sake of that ego that can be tricky.

Wow, was that a process. And it continues to be a process, as I’m so disappointed, frustrated and downright pissed that after a year of training, planning, asking others to attend with me, it was over in less than an hour. I had JUST gotten my shoulder to a place where it no longer bothered me after a year of exercising and rehabbing. Now, it seems I’m back further than I was before because I have separated my shoulder and thankfully, nothing is broken, but it has major boo boos.  (Luckily, there is a technology that allows me to dictate this because my gift of gab is not gone. I know you were worried about that. You’re sweet – but my “air bags” protected my face!)

Yes, I understood the risks of the race. Of course, I did. And NO, I did not see it coming. Even intuitives can’t know it all. We just can’t. We can all develop our abilities and use them to enhance our lives, but to have the complete answer key would not be living a human experience and it wouldn’t be learning. Plus, it would be boring, don’t you feel?

I actually felt right before that moment that everything was amazing and I was so blessed my body would allow me to do this hard work. So grateful to do work I love, be launching several products, going virtual and have people who love me enough to attend a full day race waiting for me to finish. I still feel that way even if I am saying not so nice words when I forget and try to scratch my nose. Goodness gracious the pain level is impressive.

It is because of this pain level, slightly addled brain and a need to heal a little to be able to operate the computer, that I will have to postpone the start of my first class: Intuition: Your First Sense – Breakthrough! Embrace Your Wiring class. Yup, add another level of frustration as I have also been working on that for a year! However, there is no way I am going to do a crappy start to a class. You deserve more than that and I feel that I won’t be 100% by Thursday. Arnica is great but it can’t heal that quickly! The Wisdom Wednesday Coaching Circle will go on as scheduled on June 26th.

I believe in messages and learning in everything and I know there is one in here for me. I am going to let it all set in a little more and the awarenesses to drop in as they become available. Sometimes, there is just a meeting of a rock and a shoe, flying through the air (so wish someone had a GoPro to catch that!) and gravity and yet we can learn from it all. Sometimes that learning takes time because being intuitive also means one is human and needs more than a day to process. I know I am blessed to have loved ones to make sure I was ok getting off the trail, to the hospital and after. Major shout out to Mike who kept me laughing and handed me tissues when my eyes leaked. I know I am blessed to be able to walk of my own power out of the woods and I will walk myself out of this too, slowly.

We will begin the Breakthrough class on July 11 and continue for six consecutive weeks. I do hope you understand and will join me then. We can have a good laugh about how I believe I’m so connected to spirit I tried to fly!

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