I’m sure you’ve heard the expression you need to let something go in order to open up for something else to come in. We have to make space, be it in our lives, rooms, hearts or schedule. I often suggest to people that if they want their life to shift, they should clean out their junk drawer. It really does work. What I find fascinating is when this happens and there isn’t a conscious preparation for it.

If you followed any of my writing, you are aware that last month I released my office. Physical space that in some form or address I had been going to for 17 years. I was very excited to be streamlining my life and honestly, to have less square footage to vacuum. I knew it would be an adjustment and a big change but I’m a huge fan of change so it would be very hypocritical of me to expect my client to learn to love change if I didn’t. A good coach walks the walk.

I was very aware that there would be some changes within myself. June had a lot of letting go. One of my favorite families, and closest friend, moved 6 hours away. I had to let go of the expectation I had of finishing my first Ultra race when I kissed the ground with my head and shoulder. That on top of releasing the office made for a perfect scenario the letting go of some emotional beliefs I had been holding on to.  I won’t sugarcoat it, it wasn’t pretty up in here. Being open to receiving the message and brave enough to walk through the emotions is a skill set that we all have and when attended to, becomes a superpower. Oh yeah, and within the last month I also let go of my fourth decade and entered into my fifth. 

Letting go in order to create opportunity. 

What all of this releasing has led to is a clarity that I would not have if I had grasped onto life staying the way it was. I could have ignored my own intuition and held onto the physical office. I could have only thought of myself and not the amazing opportunity my friends’ were going to have in their new location. I could lament over the fact that some days my shoulder still feels like somebody’s putting a knife in it and twisting. And I could have continued to  follow a business plan that I put in place over a year ago even though it didn’t completely line up with who I was. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say I listened to some advice that did not line up with me and yet I ignored those feelings and messages. No matter how strong ones intuition is, justification can still happen. The clarity that I have is a commitment to myself to listen first and foremost to me and then consider another’s advice and whether to follow it or not. 

The opportunity that I feel all this releasing has created is a deepening of my own connection to self and an intention to help others truly know, trust and embrace who they are. 

What are you hanging on to that is no longer serving you? Who might you be holding on to where the relationship is no longer serving either of you? Have you wandered away from your own knowing because of a belief system where you don’t want to disappoint others?  What opportunities do you want to create and in order to bring them in, what do you need to release?

 It’s important that we continue to ask ourselves if we are in alignment with self. It is important that we consider who we are, how we feel and what we know to be true for ourselves. It’s so easy to wander away from that in an effort to please others and therefore leave self behind.  This can be done in complete balance where one does not become self-centered would rather becomes so present and knowing that’s a need to hold on to old habits is no longer in charge.

 I am always excited to learn something new about myself and how I’ve responded to life and what I can do to know myself so well there are no questions when it comes to decisions or actions needed to be taken. That brings a peace within that I believe cannot be measured. that peace can then be shared with the world and a steadiness that will bring calm.

So perhaps the next time your life feels like you’re standing on wobbly ground, you will have the presence of mind to ask, what opportunity is being presented for me to create here? Experience the emotions while being excited about what you will learn. We will always be students and to be a student of self makes the soul giddy. Don’t you want a giddy soul?

P.S. In this clarity I have restructured my pricing and plans. Take a look. I believe you will be grateful for the shake up month that created it too!