We’re going into the holiday of Halloween here in the States. And I felt like it would be appropriate to tie all of this in and to do a little theme blog. I was thinking about the holiday because last night I was out and about and the town was doing a trunk or treat where the little ones are dressed up and they go around to all these vehicles and do their trick or treating in a safe environment and actually very efficient. I appreciated that and would have really loved that when my kids were little. It made me think about all the different costumes that we wear. The costumes we wear when we hold on to old beliefs. The costumes of people pleasing. The costume of disconnection.

I was thinking about that in the context of this holiday is also about people who like to be scared, or like to be shocked a little bit, so then what are we afraid of? As humans? A lot of the times when I’m working with someone, fear is what I hear the most when I ponder with them about how they feel stuck? Or they wonder what is really getting in the way of manifesting the life they would like to have? A lot of the times the response will be fear and a lack of clarity. Fear isn’t always accurate. It’s definitely something that we are quick to go to because it makes sense. If you’re afraid, why would you do it? Now, I’ve said before that I tend to have a motto in my own life that if it scares me, I have to try it at least once. This does not include the movies where people are getting hacked up or anything like that. That’s just not going to happen for Vicki. I see enough stuff without putting that into my brain and my third eye, but I do feel like there is a benefit to addressing that idea of fear and asking, is it accurate?

Is this really something that is truthful or have I found an excuse? Have I found something that allows me to not move forward? This is often the case when I’m working with clients. Then once we look at the excuses and either reframe it or sometimes I’ll throw down a challenge, and they aren’t afraid at all. They were just focusing on the costume. The distraction meant to pull attention away from the actual intent; living life and having some fun (and maybe candy be involved!)

We put on costumes, and it’s fun and it appeals to our creative, dramatic self in the highest regard. Sometimes we walk around with a costume on constantly and there are false hoods that go along with that. So are you putting on a smile when you really feel sad, or you’re grieving something? Are you pretending to be someone that you’re really not because you’re afraid to have a conversation with a loved one or a boss or friends and, and co workers or I don’t know, the rest of the public world. I’m asking, are you creating a version of yourself that is not true? Are you wearing a costume and consciously wearing that costume because it scares you to change? It scares you to take the mask off?

What if I told you that fear and excitement have the same origin in energy. What if you started to look at what scares you about change and began to see what is exciting in the prospect? What if under that mask is a glorious expression of your true self?

What if you decided that living in the fear of the costume you are wearing, or that others may perceive you of wearing, is simply too heavy and you aren’t going to do that any longer? I mean, if you are going to don a costume, it should be for play and fun, don’t you feel? What do you say? This Halloween we all go as ourselves and see what magic we can create?

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