Piece of Peace

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Lately, I am much more conscious of the place of peace in my life. I feel like most people run around, including myself, and talk about wanting peace but rarely do the actions required to acquire the state of being.

Hey! How have you been?

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Hey! How are you? How have you been? Good, I hope! Where have I been? Well, I’ve been here working, playing, healing and rebooting. Have you ever felt like you were hitting the pause button and even though you would love to be moving forward, there was just no pushing the energy or the events of life? That is where … Read More

Have you been conned?

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Say a word over and over and it starts to sound silly, doesn’t it? For some reason the auditory part of our brain starts to make it sound like a totally different word or one that we can’t connect any context too. It can be a lot of fun. That disconnected feeling to the word when it starts to sound … Read More