Every being on this blue ball floating in the universe has a soul. Every being on this Earth has value and maybe you don’t hear that often, yet you are included by virtue of being a being. Redundant? Perhaps, but reminders are needed. We travel the physical world so well that we often forget the connection of our soul and what it brings forth to and from us.

In a previous writing, I connected the dots between your soul and your physical self. For this one I’d like to take it further and have you appreciating and being in awe of the trip you agreed to take. I am also going to ask that you start to learn the characteristics of your soul while traveling in the physical form.

Almost everyone I talk to wants to increase their intuitive perceptions and be more in touch with their gifts but they don’t take the time to communicate with their eternal self, the soul aspect of them. Without this connection, awareness and being willing to explore, any development of the intuitive self will be slight of hand at best. Meaning it will not have any depth or reverence. You may be able to pick up on some signals or have intuitive hits, but they will be on the surface at best. I know there are plenty of people who are good with surface and that is fine, but if you are like me, you want the whole experience while here.

If you’ve read any of my previous work, you know I LOVE a good acronym. I think they help us learn and they are fun. There are four characteristics I see when I connect with someone’s soul self so I thought I would offer it up to help you hopefully see your own self in there somewhere. The acronym is G.I.F.T  and appropriate for the holiday season as we give and receive gifts in our traditional ways, whatever they may be.

  • G- Generosity- Every soul comes in with a generosity of spirit. The knowing that whatever we get to experience, it matters and contributes to the whole eternal journey. The human self may not take it on and demonstrate it, but all souls have it. This is made of love, curiosity, empathy, joy, excitement of the journey and acceptance of others.
  • I-Inspiration- Your soul has to be inspired to choose another physical lifetime so it comes in already excited to be on this plane. When we are in healthy communication with our soul, we are able to breathe better in our physical selves too. Inspiration being about the breath too. While the soul comes in with its own inspiration, we are responsible for hosting it while we are physical. We must find what is inspirational for our own individual souls and feed that continuously while physical. The practice of what is inspiring will change, but the habit of checking in and asking must remain consistent.
  • F-Fortitude- What? Did you think the soul was wishy washy and just along for the ride? Not at all. Your soul is so strong, resilient, stubborn even sometimes in its belief that you are amazing and have the skills to completely rock the physical life time after time. The soul has strength in adversity, it thrives on it sometimes as it knows we would not learn sitting on the couch eating bon bons. The courage a soul has to come back and want to improve each second, minute, hour, lifetime is impressive and you have that within you too.
  • T-Tenacity- How else would you describe a soul that does multiple return trips other than tenacious? It keeps getting up and trying again. It doesn’t take it personally when one lifetime ends and another begins. It gets in there and gets the job done. It spends its time looking out for the physical and non physical parts of us. It continuously finds ways to communicate how we can support it. Even when we don’t listen, it keeps trying.

Every soul has these characteristics so if you don’t see them in yourself, look deeper. They are there. So, I ask you, what are you doing with your gifted self? How about in this season of giving, you give your soul a high five and agree to begin working in connection with it in a more earnest way in the days, months, years and lifetimes ahead. It doesn’t have to be heavy lifting. It can very much be a beautiful exchange of energy.