Have you ever been in the middle of an activity, seemingly unrelated to any other, and you have an awareness that hits you upside the conscious head and makes you go, “woahhhh?”

You may be having a conversation with someone and an idea for a project pops into your noggin.

You could be driving a route you often take and receive clarity around a conflict you’ve been experiencing.

You could be doing the dishes and suddenly remember where you put the business checkbook. (If anyone has a clue what I did with mine; I’d love a call. I’m still waiting for that download!)

This is a practice that if one can cultivate, can really pay off greatly. It is a direct highway to your own soul’s voice.

To be willing to connect to that stream of consciousness is necessary and not all that difficult. Contrary to what you may have heard, read, or learned; it isn’t always through sitting on a cushion, chanting and clearing your mind space. Sometimes it is through methods described above.

Another great way to receive information is to move thy buns! I had one such experience this week as I was out for my long run.

I was in mile four of what was looking to be an over eight mile journey. I am very fortunate to be able to run directly from my house and hit some pretty amazing hills.

The Berkshire’s are fantastic for the undulating, slightly rollercoaster like routes. Well, I am learning to like hills. It has been a challenging process for my legs, lungs and brain. Mostly my brain! This wonderful organ gets in the way often, doesn’t it?

So, I’m coming across Melbourne doing the skip up on the lawns off the road to not get squished, heading to Barker Road.

For those out of the area, picture the old game of Frogger for a good visual.

I head out on Barker to some road I don’t even know the name of but dang if there wasn’t another incline.

What the heck? Why are there so many hills in Massachusetts? I’ll admit, I was grumbling a little wondering if it was worth it.

After all, I ran the half marathon last year with no training. I could do it again. (No, no I can not!) So, as my head is going back and forth with its whining, a whole other mindset dropped in and made it past the subconscious trouble maker.

The conscious part of my brain regained the front spot and said “so, what you are really asking is for the hills to change so you don’t have to?”. Ouch. Yes. Ouch.

If anyone was driving by me on Rt 20, as I was running in the drainage ditch to again avoid being squished, that’s what the foolish grin was about. My drop in a ha moment.

I was making it so much harder on myself by lamenting that the hills are there and yes, it is flipping tough to get up them sometimes, but I was bringing the resistant energy, not the hills.

So, I decided in that moment that for the rest of my run, I would allow my mind to wander to the question of what or who else might someone, including myself, want to change so it feels better for the individual?

Oh my goodness, that gave me enough to concentrate on that I didn’t lament about another hill until I hit Gale Ave. But come on, if anyone does Gale Ave and doesn’t think about what they are doing, they aren’t human in my book! The San Francisco of Pittsfield. There should be oxygen at the top of each crest.

  • So, I wonder, what or whom do you want to change so it will be easier on you?
  • Can you admit that you want someone to be something they don’t want to be just so you feel better?
  • Do you wish that your past wasn’t what it was?
  • Do you want the weather to change so it suits you to your liking?
  • Is your son/daughter dating someone YOU don’t like so you want them to break up?

So how about it? Do you recognize yourself in any of these questions?

The good news is if you do, you can absolutely do something about it. I recommend coming back to the moment that you are in, reminding yourself that if it happened in the past you can’t change it, and if it’s happening now, you have all the power in the moment to respond with honesty.

Change is inevitable, struggle is an option or so my bumper sticker says and I believe it!