Vicki Baird


Hi, I’m Vicki, 

I have a strong desire to learn what makes us individuals, how we came to be who we are and how that combination can be explored and expanded on.

After fifteen years in business finance, I discovered the joy of helping people find their own peace, happiness, and intuition. 

I was honored by my first clients who trusted me with their innermost feelings, challenges, and circumstances. Those early coaching experiences inspired me to keep growing and learning how I could help them more.

While transitioning from my corporate job was both exciting and incredibly stressful, it felt so right, I had to go.

I left the corporate world, building my own practice providing personal and business coaching, intuitive sessions, and workshops for people all over the world.

I sincerely believe we all have amazing gifts to offer the world in who we are and how we are wired. 


My Biggest Challenge 

When I started offering intuitive readings, I felt like the odd one out in town.

Childhood conditioning, questions about my own self worth, and limiting beliefs stood in my way.

It can be easy to avoid our biggest challenges and fears, intellectualizing, falling into a pattern, and moving forward as pretending they do not exist.

Through the process of coaching and consulting others, I learned what really leads to personal transformation is facing our fears and limiting beliefs.

I overcame my biggest challenge by following my own soul’s push. I was willing to “not fit in,” to face my doubts and fears rather than running from them.

By standing in our truth and listening to my first sense, “you know, the one we come into this world with!” we can and will do amazing things.




Your Intuitive Life Coach

I quickly realized that when my clients came in, they were handing over their energy and power to yet another person instead of tapping into their own inherent gifts.

Sure, I wanted to be a partner in their expansion, but most of all I wanted them to feel the fantastic feeling of accomplishment when they learned more about who they are and what they are truly capable of.

Using the combination of all of those years in business, my genuine love of people and belief in their greatness, and my ability to see and feel where the proverbial blocks were; I helped my clients discover their own path, and equipped them with the tools to navigate it.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is moving that part of us that is not supportive out of the way in order to grow.

How we talk to ourselves shapes our everyday experience.

By incorporating brain neuroplasticity, how habits and belief systems form and most importantly, how we talk to ourselves into my coaching, my clients began discovering their own self worth. 

The formula for client success was truly born. I began more accurately describing what I was offering, Intuitive Life Coaching.


Today, I help my clients discover and live their highest worth. 

Developing intuition isn’t about readings, psychic tricks or being able to have one up on others. It is about connecting the soul and human self to work in collaboration to create the most fulfilling life for each individual as it fits best for them. 

I believe, and have seen happen, that there is a calming that happens and then the person brings that out into the world.

They are able to participate in a loving, collaborative way that then helps others wonder what is their key to happiness.

Because we all want that. It is possible for everyone if they are willing to question, become curious and then follow through. 

My intention is to help you realize how complex, amazing, and loving you are. You have a soul that wants the very best for you.

I serve my clients through private sessions, group coaching, classes and speaking engagements.

It is my sincere pleasure to help you learn your gifts, harness them, and take them out to the world.


Tap Into Your Intuition Today


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