As I write this I am snuggled up in a blanket, listening to the rain and the quiet in the building. As I sit absorbing the moment, I wonder if everyone loves the quiet as much as I do. I immediately knew the answer because I have been working with people for years helping them to enjoy the peace that comes from sitting in silence. My wondering comes from such a place of wanting everyone to experience the calm and sense of self that happens when one is willing to be still and take in all that is going on around them and yet I am still perplexed that many don’t practice it more.

Putting down the electronics, turning off the noisemakers (kids not included in this description), really paying attention to what is happening in your energy field and immediate surroundings. Even if there is noise, like the plane going over head at this moment or the dog downstairs who does NOT like being left alone, they can all be part of the appreciation. There are moments of silence and then noise and then silence and then noise. The noise outside isn’t the real issue. It is a distraction, that is for sure, but it isn’t an issue. The noise that goes on inside one’s head is often the loudest of them all and what I believe keeps people from wanting to sit in stillness.

That is so sad to me because the very act of spending time with one’s thoughts and feelings is what opens one up to greatness, ideas, music, love, communication from Spirit, brilliant ideas, and even feeling the heartbeat of the Universe. Did you know you can feel that? You absolutely can. You don’t need any special training or skills or abilities. Well, you do, you have to be conscious, but you’ve got that, so why not give it a try? What if, instead of being afraid to feel and hear your own thoughts and innermost feelings, you focused on feeling the heartbeat of the Earth, of the Universe, of all life force? Would that feel more acceptable to you? Would that be a fun place to start rather than your own head?

Ok, then go for it. All you have to do is find a comfy place to sit, with spine straight as possible, butt firmly on a chair or floor and start taking some deep breaths. Now take some more. A few more. You may feel a little lightheaded if you aren’t used to breathing deeply and taking time. Your body will remember though. It will remember what it felt like to relax and to be in a state of being. Give it a chance.

Once you feel that you are relaxed and a bit more centered, set your intention to feel the world around you. Feel that vibration of connection. Feel that electric buzzing or ringing in your ear or the desire to wiggle. Go ahead and wiggle. Listen to what your body needs. Keep taking the deep breaths and see if you can expand your awareness to the space around you. Can you extend your knowledge out a few feet from your body? Look at you go!

Now, stay in the space for a little time and see, feel, hear, know or sense the energy that is the heartbeat of the universe. Connect with it and allow it to supercharge your own being. Feel the vitality that is there. Soak it in! You can do it.

We are all amazing energetic beings. Sure, some have honed their skill sets but I promise you, you have every connective wiring necessary to feel the space around you and benefit from that peace. The question is, do you practice? Do you take the time to be still? If you don’t, then like anything else, it will take more effort on your part. It is so worth it. When things seem chaotic and a bit out of control to me, this is where I go to bring it all back in and to know I am supported, loved and can be generated back to full form.

I can hear those of you saying to me, “but Vicki, I am empathic and can’t take all the energy and pain that is in the world so I can’t do this.” To which I say “bunk!” That is not true. It may be true that you feel things, but it is not true that you can’t connect and be in a place of peace. Either someone led you to believe that wasn’t possible or you haven’t tapped into the energy ABOVE all that pain that is a knowing that while crappy things happen and yes, there is hurt, there is also a way to feel above it and help from that place.

Listen, I bawl every time I’m asked why I do the work I do and that is because if I can help one less person hurt, my time on this planet is well spent. I FEEL the pain that is here and that others, including our beautiful planet, experience but if I take the martyr approach and say the only way I can help is to feel theirs too, I am not listening to the soul knowledge that says that isn’t necessary. Listen to that soul place. Seek the vibration that is the heartbeat of the Universe and help all beings to be strengthened by your willingness to be.

Maybe if you take the time to be willing to hear the heart of the universe, you will then be willing to hear your own and how it wants to use the beats it has left. Maybe you will commit to tapping into both sources every day and bringing that fulfilled being into self and then out into the world. What a blessed place we would live if each person took a few moments a day to contribute to their own time here.

What about you? Will you commit? To yourself? I’ll do it with you….