So here we are with an amazing opportunity to start fresh with a new year. A clean slate so to speak. A carpe diem sort of energy that shows up…..every stinking day, if we want it to.

Yeah, one of the reasons you didn’t receive this in your inbox on the first of the year is because I truly believe we have the ability to choose in each moment and situation to feel the life force energy we put on the New Year. To feel like we are venturing into hopeful territory. You’ve probably heard me say or read this from me so many times it’s starting to feel redundant. Well, until we truly walk that walk, I may have to keep repeating myself.

I am well aware that it is challenging to feel that there is possibility in every moment. That there is something to be gleaned from every interaction. It can feel overwhelming to even consider it, can’t it? While I don’t expect people to walk around denying emotions, I would like for us to start pointing our compasses and attention to what is resilient, amazing and brave about ourselves without waiting for certain days to give us permission to move forward.  The calendar doesn’t have that power; you do.

What did you put on your “I’m going to do, experience, have, create, manifest, this in 2017 list” that didn’t show up or that you dropped mid January or mid year? To be clear, this is NOT about beating yourself up, this is about seeing how things can change, our minds can shift, dynamics can reveal what we didn’t see before and about being in the flow of life.

  • So, what was it?
  • Do you still want it?
  • Is there something new there now?
  • What do you have to change for it to move a step closer? I
  • s it your mindset?
  • Do you need to reach out to someone and ask for help?
  • Do you need to move your butt to make it happen but you’ve been holding down the recliner for so long you aren’t sure how to move said butt?

It all comes to being willing to voice it first. You don’t have to rent a billboard but you DO have to admit to yourself what you want and then decide you are worthy enough to have it. Oh, that’s it? That worthy bugger? Yeah, that can be a trip up but it can also be worked around by paying attention to where your compass (attention) is pointing and choosing to direct it toward believing in self and in what you have already accomplished.

So, what is it that you are going to bring to 2018? It isn’t the year that owes you anything. It isn’t anyone else that owes you either, nor can they do it for you. So what is it that you want to bring into 2018 and create? Great, now that you have an idea what it is (and if you don’t, come see me. I love helping with that.), what will you do, what one small step will you do to help that to the next step? Go take that step. Now. You can read the rest of the blog later. Go. Be amazing. Take that one step you have been putting off for a solid year or more now. You will feel relieved you did and I hope a little proud of you.

What I have come to learn as a coach, and in receiving coaching, is that people can help us and yes, even inspire us, but we have to be willing to do the work and learning our soul was so excited to take on a body to do. That requires action.

Will you be taking action this year? YES! I thought so! Go you!

Any challenge I send out to you amazing people, I take on myself so all of the items that were on the ta da list for 2017, they have been moved and you will be seeing results of them through classes, in person and online, through additions to the website and through products. There will  even be another half marathon on the calendar for me too. I am off to sign up for that now. Action. Taking action.

Come see me at my new location and let me know how amazing you believe yourself to be because you decided to take that action!


I believe in you,



P.S. Check out the class line up if you could use some help in determining what you would like to create or even who the heck you are.